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Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP1

Released: September 2016

NB: To run Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP1, you need Novapoint version 20.0x or newer.

Version 2.0.FP1

Trimble Quadri 2.0FP1 requieres Novapoint 20.00 or newer as client

This version addresses some major and some minor issues reported from customers using Quadri 2.0 as well as customers using versions prior to version 2.0.

Novapoint Quadri Client

The name of the product is changed from QuadriDCM to Trimble Quadri. In this version, parts of the documentation still use the name QuadriDCM.

Share/Receive/Reserve/Join a Project

IMPROVED:The spatial index used to detect which features with surface or solid geometry that are inside the area of interest for a project is improved by using a convex hull approximation instead of a minimum bounding box. For features with a “banana shape”, the previous minimum bounding box approach often failed to detect whether a feature was inside or outside a project area of interest. This has only been an issue when using multiple projects in one shared model.


FIXED: When the update of the local cache files failed at the end of a Share/Receive/Reserve the changes was committed on the server-side but the client-side was only partly committed. This mismatch between server-side and client-side might end up as a fault situation later.


FIXED: One known fault situation because of the fixed issue mentioned under Share/Receive/Reserve is “Cannot merge incomplete serve task types”. The system believe that a task already exist in the local work set and thereof does not fetch all properties for that task from the server-side. This fix will prevent future mismatch between server-side and client-side. However, this fix will not fix work sets that are already in mismatch with the server-side. If a “Cannot merge incomplete serve task types” fault situation appears, the user must share all changes, disconnect the faulty work set and re-Join the project.


IMPROVED: To minimize the amount of data sent between the client-side and the server-side the system does not always transfer all attributes for every feature instances. At the client-side, these features are marked as incomplete and as not all attributes are available, any modifications should be impossible. To protect work sets against such illegal modifications the reserve function will from now on ignore incomplete features. This will ensure that no incomplete features can be modified.


FIXED: The improvement mentioned under Reserve will prevent fault situation with a message box saying “Cannot handle feature version, it is marked as incomplete”. However, there is no fix for work sets already in such fault situation. For such faulty work sets the Disconnect Work set and then re-Join project must be performed.

Manage Trimble Quadri Project

IMPROVED: Given name of a project is used to give names to files and folders in the filesystem. Some customers have experienced issues when working with projects that has a name that contains the character ‘.’(dot). To prevent such issues this version deny the use of ‘.’ in project name.

Trimble Quadri Model Manager

The name of the product is changed from QuadriDCM to Trimble Quadri. In this version, parts of the documentation still use the name QuadriDCM.

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