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Quadri DCM 1.0.a

Release date: 10.07.2013

Version 1.0.a

Updates in QuadriDCM

QuadriDCM Model Manager (QMM)

Models A new column “Maintenance” is added. The content of this column is used to report on-going maintenance activity on the model. When there is no on-going maintenance activity this field is empty.

New model

The fields for database schema and password are removed from the user interface. These values are automatically generated and there is no reason to access or view these fields for the end users.


A new tab is introduced. This tab contents user interface to add and modify a licence key needed to use QuadriDCM.

Modify model

All modify actions, except changing name and description, now requires that the model is set Unavailable so that no clients can access the model while the model is changed.

Parallel modify actions, like updating Feature Catalogue while someone else has started a restore of the model is now not possible.


In QMM there is now a link to a “About page”

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