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QuadriDCM 1.3.FP3.b

Released: August 2016

Version 1.3.FP3.b

This recommended updates addresses four issues that may lead to crash or incorrect data.


Server-side crash while sharing very large number of changes.

Join a Project, Receive

Server side crash while processing datasets with list attributes that contains no list items (empty list). Did not correctly fetch all feature instances while processing datasets defined by projects that query for feature types across several projects. Mostly used in GUDB installation (Grunnundersøkelses data base) at the Norwegian Road Authority.

Join a Project, Receive, Share, Reserve

Crash while processing data from project that referred to deleted project members. This only happened when the project members was deleted as group in QMM.

Known Issues


Using Project names that contains / or \ cause several issues that may lead to loss of data. Under the hood, QuadriDCM use the specified project name as a filename. A project name that contains / or \ will create a subfolder out of one part of the name and a file for the other part of the name. Unfortunately, this leads to unpredictable results while using a QuadriDCM Workset.

The QuadriDCM-client that NovapointDCM 20 embed does not allow the use of / or \ in project names.

However, any existing project using / or \ in the name will not be affected by this new constraint. To avoid loss of data we strongly recommend to rename any project that contains / or \ in the name. Users should then disconnect work sets from those renamed projects and then create new work sets by using Join a Project.

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