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Quadri DCM 1.2.FP3

Version 1.2.FP3

Novapoint QuadriDCM Client

Share/Receive/Reserve/Join a Project

IMPROVED: The progress bar that appears when these actions performs has been changed so that it shows ‘Step n of m’ instead of an estimated percentage of the progress.


FIXED: A message saying Invalid user / password appeared now and then during share/receive. The client now re-authenticate correctly without showing this message.


FIXED: To delete many features from the shared model could take nearly 24 hours if the number of features was big (more than half a million features). This is now significantly improved so that more than half a million of features can be deleted in less than 15 minutes.


FIXED: To receive many deleted features from the shared model could take several hours if the number of features was big (more than a hundred thousand features). This is significantly improved so that a delete action for several hundred thousand features can be received from the shared model and deleted from the local cache in a few minutes.

IMPROVED: The user interface for receive is now more confident. The progress bar shows up immediately – it does not show an empty receive dialogue first, then the progress bar.

Join a Project

NEW: The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s (Kartverket) library to convert from NN54 to/from NN2000 is embedded so that you may now use NN2000 as vertical reference for the workset when the shared model references to NN54 and vice versa.

Manage QuadriDCM Project

FIXED: An issue where newly created or modified projects ended up as projects in another shared model than expected has been fixed.

NEW: It is now possible to delete QuadriDCM Projects. However, only projects without ongoing activities can be deleted. Deleted projects are only marked as deleted, not physical deleted from the shared model. See release notes for QMM regarding restore and permanently deletion (purge) of deleted projects.

IMPROVED: For shared models with reference to a CRS typically used in Sweden, Finland and Belgium it was not possible to draw area of interest for a project. Most used CRS for both Sweden, Finalnd and Belgium is now supported.

Quadri Model Manager

QMM – General

NEW: Pages that show lists of models. worksets, projects etc. may now be downloaded as comma delimited text.

QMM – Activity - Projects

NEW: A new page is added under Activity, a page which you may use to perform some management of projects. This version offers possibilities to delete or restore projects. Projects without which has never been used to modify the model can also be permanently (purged) deleted. This page also contains a list of users defined as members of a selected project.

QMM – Admin - Server properties

NEW: A new page is added under Admin, a page that you may use to perform some monitoring of the computer who actually hosts QuadriDCM.

This versions shows disk space, number and size of temporary files used by QuadriDCM and a list of QuadriDCM processes.

From this page it is also possible to delete temporary files created by QuadriDCM and start/stop the Vianova Product Service updater.

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