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Quadri DCM 1.2.FP1

Version 1.2.FP1


NEW: In order to perform better problem-solving the log files from the server side is included in the crash reports. As default, this functionality is from now on enabled when installing / upgrading QuadriDCM.


QMM - General

FIXED: Only error and warning messages are presented with red text. All other messages are presented with black text.

FIXED: Width of drop down lists are extended so that long names are not truncated.

QMM – Activity - Workset

NEW: Worksets can now be ordered by “Has reservations”.

NEW: Worksets can now be listed in one combined list for all models. This list has a column with project name that can be used to order the list so that all worksets related to one project is grouped together.

QuadriDCM Collaboration functionality

Sign in - Passwords

NEW: When using a QuadriDCM installation with embedded user accounts the user may change their password by them self. Use the link named “Change Password” in the Sign In dialogue.

Join a Project

FIXED: Slightly improved performance in the initial face of Join a Project. User interface is ready to use a little bit earlier than before because the feature catalogue is only fetched from the server side if no cached copy exists.

FIXED: The way the system handle not available models are now correct. Does not reply that the server cannot be found.

Receive/ Share/ Join a project

FIXED: The progress bar is now improved and more reliable. However, be aware that the progress makes a step forward only for each successful step on the server side. Between every successful server step, the progress does not show any progress. Server operations may take a long time but it is very unusual that these operations do not complete. Be patient and do not stop the application unless you know for sure the process has terminated.

CHANGED: Starting with QuadriDCM 1.2, all data sent between client and server and vice versa is sent as compressed packages. In this version, a level of compression that sends data slightly less compressed is added. In return, the compression process is much faster so that these functions are in total a little bit faster.

NEW: It is now possible to cancel transactions before any changes are committed on the server side and / or on the client side. When the Cancel button in the progress bar is pressed, the transaction cancel as fast as possible. How fast the transaction cancel depends on which stage of the transaction that are currently going on.

Receive/ Share/Reserve

NEW: When the shared model is upgraded with a new feature catalogue, you may now continue to work with your workset. The workset will be changed to use the new feature catalogue at the first contact with the shared model (Share, Receive, Reserve).This is limited to situations where the new feature catalogue is compatible with the previous one. In other words, new feature catalogue has the same name with an increased minor version number.

CHANGED: The system now performs an integrity check of the workset before running a server operation.


NEW: Share function is enhanced with an option so that it is possible to release all reservations as part of the Share function.

NEW: The Share function sends packets of features from the client to the server side. Given the constraint that each packet must be an independent unit, and the fact that features are connected with associations attributes, it may take a long time to create one packet. When it comes to performance we have found that for all situation there is much better to send all the features in one packet than split in several packets. Setting the size of transmission packets to 1 mill features will ensure that for practically all Share operations there will be only one packet to create and send. New connection documents will have this value as default. For existing worksets you should modify this connection property to 1 mill features. In the Properties View – QuadriDCM Workset > – Size of Feature transmission packets.

FIXED: In some cases, the Share function added a new empty row to task attachment lists for each share. This is fixed so there will not be added any new empty rows.

REMARK: Existing models may contain empty attachment rows. This may affect performance in a negative way. To remove all empty attachment-rows from all tasks use functionality in QMM for each model. (Models → Modify Model → Task Model).

FIXED: An issue with successors that referred to tasks that was both created and then deleted before the workset was shared made a corrupted taskmodell.

CHANGED: Default valid time period for features instances is changed from January 1th 1950 to current date on the server side.


NEW: Fields and lists in the user interface for Receive is updated with scrollbars so that long lists and long texts can easily be handled. Reserve

NEW: Check conflict as the very first step so that any conflict is detected as soon as possible and not at the end of the process.

Project Admin

FIXED: The way the system handle not available models are now correct. Does not reply that the server cannot be found.

In NovapointDCM General User Interface

Explorer view

NEW: For QuadriDCM Worksets the name of the project is now visible in the explorer as the root node of the process tree.

NovapointDCM - Properties view

NEW: QuadriDCM connection parameters can now be modified for existing worksets.

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