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Quadri DCM 1.2

Version 1.2

Updates in QuadriDCM


CHANGED: Modified QuadriDCM so that both Quadri Model Manager and Novapoint 19 DCM use IIS as WEB server. As default, both use port 80 for HTTP or 443 for HTTPS from now one. See remark for QMM

NEW: QuadriDCM application names is now possible to select during the installation process. Unless there are technical issues that requires other application names than the default names, we recommend all customers to use the default name.

NEW: QuadriDCM can now use Active Directory as source for user accounts. This is an alternative to the user account repository embedded with QuadriDCM. Customers who wants to change their current QuadriDCM installation(s) to use Active Directory as user account source should contact Vianova Systems for advices and guidance.

NEW: When QuadriDCM use Active Directory as source for user accounts and the client are located within the same windows domain then QuadriDCM support Single Sign On.

QMM, General

REMARK: Existing links used to access QMM trough port 8080 (or other port numbers) must be modified. As long as the new default port 80 is used, the port number is not necessary to specify. Change http://address:8080/QMMweb to http://address/QMMweb (or http://address:80/QMMweb if you prefer to include the port number)

CHANGED: Minor changes in UI to reflect the possibility to use Active Directory as source for user accounts. QMM, Activities

NEW: Added a new page to show the complete transaction log for a given model.

QMM, Activities FIXED: In some case, an error appeared when the user pressed the Details link in the list of worksets. This is now fixed.

Receive/ Share/ Join a project

NEW: As default QuadriDCM 1.2 performs a compression of all data that goes between client and server and vice versa. This boosts performance for clients that connects trough a line with low bandwidth. For clients connected through high-speed lines (gigabit local area networks) the compression process could be a disadvantage for certain datasets (spend more time to compress data than the time saved to send / receive fewer bytes). For those situation customer may consider to disable the compression process.

Manage Project

FIXED: To avoid duplicate positions in the project boundary, the system ignore dense positions when they are drawn. The threshold value that define how dense positions can be drawn is significantly decreased

FIXED: When drawing a project boundary outside the defined limits of the selected CRS the entire application crashed. In these situations, a message box will now appear with information about the problem.

FIXED: The user interface allowed changing the project name directly in the tree (to the left in the user interface). This was not intentionally and these kind of changes was note saved. From now on, it is not possible to change the project name directly in the tree controller.

FIXED: Changes in the connection parameters did not have any effect until the application restarted. From now on all changes takes effect immediately.

Known Issues in QuadriDCM

Sign in for Receive/ Share/ Join a project

Users with a username that contains uppercase letters (A – Z) get a message box saying Invalid username / password and then the user is denied to Sign In. This issue is fixed in update 1.2.a released august 13th 2014.

QMM, Modify model, Feature Catalogue

Users with a username that contains uppercase letters (A – Z) get a message box saying Invalid username / password and then the user is denied to Sign In. A fix for this will be released august 13th 2014.

When a model’s Feature Catalogue is upgraded, an error message may appear. QuadriBIMClientAPI.Model.ServerAccessException: Message from QuadriDCM: (QMS-100709) The server is not available at the moment. …… This error message should be ignored

Receive/ Share/ Join a project

The progress bar is very unreliable and may give an impression that the application has stopped working. For most situations, only the progress bar has stopped while the server side perform some heavy operations. Server operations may take a long time but it is very unusual that these operations do not complete. Be patient and do not stop the application unless you know for sure the process has terminated.

The progress shown in the Novapoint application icon is reliable but be aware that the progress makes a step forward only for each successful step on the server side. Between every successful server step, the progress does not show any progress.

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