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QuadriDCM 1.1.FP2

Updates in QuadriDCM

QMM, User account, Passwords

CHANGED: There have been some issues related to special characters used in password. To prevent from problems the character ‘&’ is from now on not in the list of allowed characters in the passwords. See also the list of known issues for this release.

QMM, General

FIXED: All lists with a date column. When sorted they are now correctly sorted.

QMM, Activities

FIXED: In some cases with very many worksets in a model, QMM was not able to present them correctly. This is now fixed. See also the list of known issues for this release.


FIXED: In some cases receive failed, an error message appeared «Can’t find feature in the model», and the whole workset became corrupt so that it was not possible to open the workset again. This occurred when you received deleted features from the shared model, when you already had associations to these features from other features in your workset. With this update your will be able to open your workset again.


FIXED: User got a reservation conflict when reserving a task that had a subtask or subfolder that was already reserved. This is now fixed.


FIXED: In some cases share failed because of invalid geometry. This is now fixed.

Join a project

FIXED: In some (unusual) cases, “Join project” did not fetch all features. This is now fixed.

Known Issues

QMM, Activities

In some case, an error may appear when the user press the Details link in the list of worksets. This tend to happen more often in models with very many active worksets. A fix for this problem is will be released before the end of July this year.


Last minute testing of this release indicated that there might be some problems when a password with the special characters ‘<’ and ‘>’ are used. To prevent from problems avoid using these characters in the passwords.

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