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Quadri DCM 1.1.FP1

Version 1.1.FP1

QuadriDCM Model Manager (QMM)

Communication and Security
  • NEW: QMM can now be configured to use https (SSL) instead of or in addition to http communication.
New model, Modify Model etc.
  • CHANGED: Lists of Feature Catalogues are now presented as a concatenated text string; name + version + internal ID.
User Account
  • CHANGED: Restore a user account will never create duplicate user accounts.
  • CHANGED: Performance improvements will decrease the number of timeout situations when a long list of worksets are supposed to be presented.


To fully utilize these changes both QuadriDCM and Novapoint must be upgraded.

  • CHANGED: Several bug-fixes that improves the system robustness
Communication and Security
  • NEW: QuadriDCM can now be configured to use https (SSL) instead of, or in addition to http communication.
Join a Project, Receive, Reserve/Release
  • CHANGED: Performance is improved with 5 -50 % for Join Project, Receive and Reserve/Release. Actual improvement varies with different dataset, but most users will experience significant performance improvements for one or more of these functions.
  • CHANGED: These performance improvements will also decrease the number of timeout situations.
Share, Receive, Reserve/Release
  • CHANGED: A problem related to rollback of workset content after a Share, Receive, Reserve /Release operation that failed to complete is fixed. The symptom of this situation was that a message box appeared with the text “Task does not exist” when the next Share, Receive, Reserve /Release operation was performed.
Project Management
  • CHANGED:QuadriDCM 1.1, known Issue, Project Management is fixed. A new Edit button has been added in the user interface that must be used before project definitions can be modified.
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