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Quadri DCM 1.1

Version 1.1

Updates in QuadriDCM Model Manager (QMM)

New model
  • NEW: When a new model is added a preferred language for the presentation of feature types must be selected. If there are no translations to the selected language available, the feature types will be presented in English. Currently there are available translation for Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.
Modify Model
  • NEW: A new function is added to update the shared models task model properties
Move Model
  • NEW: A shared model can now be moved to another host.
Restore model
  • CHANGED: Restore is improved so that all worksets that did not interact with the shared model after the selected restore time can continue. A list of worksets that will be lost when restoring is presented.
User accounts
  • NEW: Several new functions to handle user accounts are added
    • Delete User Account
    • Restore a User Account.
    • Import User Accounts from file
    • Export User Accounts to file
    • Show last successful login for user
  • CHANGED: Feature type information in the list of worksets is now presented in the language that was selected for the model when the model was created.
  • NEW: The folder that is used to store the workset files can now be configured. Consider to change this if you have limited space on the default disk. If you change this you should only change to a fast local disk with a reasonable amount of free space. Beware that probably not all disks are included in your organization’s back-up procedure.
Sign In
  • CHANGED: User names are now consistently handled case insensitive when signing in from Novapoint. I.e. ‘USER’ is interpreted as ‘user’ and vice versa.
Project Management
  • CHANGED: There have been some issues related to project names that contains ‘.’. A temporary solution is added so that ‘.’ is not allowed as a character in project names.
Reservation (Reserve / Release)
  • CHANGED: There have been some issues with reservations of non-existing feature instances listed in tasks queries. With this new version non-existing feature instances will never be reserved anymore.
  • CHANGED: When doing reservations or refreshing reservation status in a disconnected workset a misleading message is fixed, so that it is possible for end users to fully understand the situation.
  • CHANGED: There have been some issues where the reservation conflict report did not contain name of conflicting summary tasks. This is now fixed.
Join a Project
  • CHANGED: Some improvement has been done to reduce the time spent to get a new workset available on the client.
Share and Receive
  • CHANGED: There have been some issues related to sharing changes that contains invalid geometry. Several improvements have been done to handle invalid geometry in a more robust way. This improvement has also made the
  • NEW: Receive function more robust.
  • CHANGED: When performing rollback after a failed share or receive operation the rollback was not completed. This is now fixed.

Known Issues

Project Management
  • When a new project is defined, or an existing project is changed, another project than the expected project might be updated if the user change the selection of project in the tree view before the save button is pressed. To avoid that situation the user should ensure that the wanted project is selected in the tree view when the save button is pressed.
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