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Novapoint 20.00.FP4/20.05.FP4a

If you use Trimble Quadri, this version can only be used with Trimble Quadri 2.0 or newer.

If you use named login (Vianova ID) with Novapoint 20.05, then make sure you have Novapoint 20.05.FP4a

Models created with earlier versions of Novapoint, will be converted on opening in NP20.00 and can ONLY be used in NP20.00, and it will not be possible to open it with earlier versions of Novapoint after conversion.

Using Novapoint 20.05 with floating license (FLEXlm license manager) will require license manager 11.14 of FLEXlm. Make sure the license manager support this before you try to use Novapoint 20.05. If your network uses the IPv6 protocol (as used in Microsoft Direct Access), you should set the FNP_IP_PRIORITY=6 environment variable on the client computer to give priority to IPv6, which can improve performance and avoid unwanted IPv4 address resolution.

Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05 will both require license version 20.00.

Login using named user (Vianova ID) will work for both Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05.

There are some issues using the USB hardware lock (FLEXid). Please contact us if you want to use Novapoint 20.05 with the USB lock.


Updates in Novapoint Base


IMPROVED: This update contains general bug fixes and improvements.


NEW: Save as Task

Use the new tool Save as Task when you have an active temporary plan or 3D window you would like to save as a presentation. When Save as Task is pressed, either Plan-, or 3D-presentation task will open, depending on the active window. The task will be prefilled with the feature selection and drawing rule from the temporary window.



The Settings dialog has been improved and it is now allowed to select all attributes regardless to attribute type. Also added is an automatic determination of outer or inner diameter based upon the material type. More info of Sweep function here


Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

IMPROVED: Export to LandXML gave wrong values for “startSta” for vertical geometry that could be confusing for users. Results were still correct.

IMPROVED: Description and logic for reading and comparison of alignment from drawing against alignment found in the Quadri model.

CORRECTED: Crash in function when using trim/extend from CAD-functions.

CORRECTED: Overwrite of alternatives in specific workflows.

Deep blasting

CORRECTED: Deep blasting comes and goes in some cases.

CORRECTED: Crossfall on deep blasting surface changed to abrupt in some cases.

Draw Horizontal Geometry

IMPROVED: Does now draw with the vertical geometry.

CORRECTED: Instance where not all elements were draw as desired according to the drawing style.

Draw Longitudinal Profile

CORRECTED: First and last chainage beneath the longitudinal profile part was missing.

CORRECTED: Widening did not always draw with widening values.

Vehicle Track Analysis

CORRECTED: Outer edge of vehicle was not correct for multi-jointed vehicles where these went wider than the pull-wagon.

CORRECTED: Crash when using Draw Tracks in NP20.05/CAD2017.

3D Object along Line

CORRECTED: Crash when selecting vertical from Terrain Elevation


NEW/IMPROVED: New functionality to simplify the surface for inner slope that continues along the terrain to the fill edge. In some cases this produced to many points in the cross-section for software to handle for machine controll equipment.

By turning on this functionality a warning is given that the quantities will not be calculated.

The functionality is found under Road Task > Design > Settings > Elements > Setting out > Simplify inner slope surface on terrain.


CORRECTED: Error in export report to TILOS.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Slope Surface function

CORRECTED: Error in the function in CAD 2017/NP20.05 resulted in a crash.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel


  • Modelling of shafts works now for all situations.
  • An error in the LandXML export that caused interpolation errors in some situations is now solved.
  • You can now model niches and crossing tunnels even though the perimeter is not defined for the main tunnel geometry.
  • Closing of the perimeter against tha base failed for some situations. This is now corrected.
  • The elevation of the tunnel geometry was wrong for railroad tunnels. This is now corrected.
  • The niche template for raiload niches was not shown for railroad tunnels. This is now corrected.

Version 20.0x.FP4

Updates in Novapoint WS|Cabel

Export reference points and lines

IMPROVED: Added opportunity to select which reference points and/or lines to draw.

Version 20.0xfp4

Updates in Transport Networks

  • ANDA
    • Basic Configuration Framework included
    • Not ready for production, but can be tested against project requirements and testcases.
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket)
    • Basic Configuration Framework included
  • Norwegian Railway Administration (Bane Nor)
    • Basic Configuration Framework included
  • Geometry Tool
    • Snap mode is activated
  • OpenTNF
    • Added support for Multiple Feature Catalogues

Update Quadri Easy Access

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