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Novapoint 20.0x.FP2d

If you use Quadri, this version can only be used with Quadri 2.0 or newer.

Models created with earlier versions of Novapoint, will be converted on opening in NP20.00 and can ONLY be used in NP20.00, and it will not be possible to open it with earlier versions of Novapoint after conversion.

Using Novapoint 20.05 with floating license (FLEXlm license manager) will require license manager 11.14 of FLEXlm. Make sure the license manager support this before you try to use Novapoint 20.05. If your network uses the IPv6 protocol (as used in Microsoft Direct Access), you should set the FNP_IP_PRIORITY environment variable on the client computer to give priority to IPv6, which can improve performance and avoid unwanted IPv4 address resolution.

Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05 will both require license version 20.00.

Login using named user (Vianova ID) will work for both Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05.

There are some issues using the USB hardware lock (FLEXid). Please contact us if you want to use Novapoint 20.05 with the USB lock.


Release date: 03.04.2017

Known Issues

Links: Base |

Updates in Novapoint Base

Download and receive from Quadri server

FIXED: In some cases, you got: “Novapoint stopped working” when downloading new workset or receiving data from Quadri server, this is now fixed.

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