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Novapoint 20.0x

If you use Quadri, this version can only be used with Quadri 2.0 or newer.

Models created with earlier versions of Novapoint, will be converted on opening in NP20.00 and can ONLY be used in NP20.00, and it will not be possible to open it with earlier versions of Novapoint after conversion.


Updates in Novapoint Base


NEW: New startpage

NEW: Navigate to point in plan presentation. Read the reference guide here.

NEW: Zoom to scale

NEW: UTF-8 and UTC implemented

NEW: When tasks are deleted from the model, the accompanying folder for the task is also deleted, when you press save. You can also right click the model name in the explorer and clean up attachments.

NEW: Added medium in the settings for the modelling tools, so you can specify the geometry's location relative to the earth's surface.

IMPROVED: Better performance and stability.


NEW: Transparency in 3D presentations. You have the option to enter transparency (0-100%) in the 3D presentation. That way you can for example hide the part of the terrain that goes over the road. Thus avoid creating an additional triangulated ground surface with holes for the road, preventing the model to not become heavier then necessary. Read the reference guide here.

NEW: Capture to creates a screenshot of the active window. Read the reference guide here.

NEW: If surfaces are vertical or near vertical in the 3D-view, then the texture direction wil automatically be set to upwards. This is important to make textured verical surfaces look better. If you bulid your railroad model in NP 20 and later versionas and use the default drawing rule, then the rail track will be textured nicely with sleeper and gravel texture aligned in the rail direction.

NEW: Text in the 3D views, for example places names

IMPROVED: Drawing rules

IMPROVED: Saves the settings in Show/Hide function in the Presentation Setup

FIXED: Road model visible in long section windows. User can select to use either the stationing value, or the value in absolute meters when defining the location for the long section.

Import / Export

NEW: Export to Quadri model file, where you can export parts of the model

NEW: GML export

NEW: DGN import and export

IMPROVED: The import frees the memory when finished

IMPROVED: When using QG4 import, it is now possible to move tasks out of the import hierarchy you get

IMPROVED: GML import now supports all attributes/assosiations

IMPROVED: Various improvements for GML importt

IMPROVED: Various improvements for LandXML import

IMPROVED: Various improvements for KOF import and export

IMPROVED: Added button so you can deselect all classifications when using LAS import

IMPROVED: DWG import for solids with nurbs

IMPROVED: IFC uses less memory during import

FIXED: LandXML import fixes curves from the road model

FIXED: When importing Shape file, norwegian letters in the properties are correct

FIXED: Re-import after you have updated the model, and deleted previous version of Novapoint with the used conversion rule

FIXED: SOSI import (norwegian mapping data format) sometimes crashed when the import failed. Now it gives the user a message that the import failed

Terrain Shaping

NEW: You can switch between point elevation mode and line elevation mode by pressing 1 and 2 on your keyboard. For example, if in poin televation mode ( press enter if you have not completed an action ) and press 2 to switch to elevation line mode.

IMPROVED: When creating heights with elevation line mode, lines saved as Terrestrial elevation line. This line can be used as input in the model for example sweep , extrude and so on.

Here is a film that shows this: <flashplayer width=480 height=295>file=/Video/Landskap/NovapointDCM/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude.mp4&image=/Video/Landskap/NovapointDCM/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude.png</flashplayer>


Updates in Novapoint Road


IMPROVED: The road model dialogues are no longer always on top. The road model icon is always shown on the Windows toolbar when a dialog is open.

NEW: Now possible to build a section of a road model. Deselect the All section setting on the Road ribbon.

Road model and Cross section

CHANGED: Now possible to use the Cross Section Viewer to build and look at one cross section before the complete model is built.

IMPROVED: The task content is now updated in the Cross section Viewer when only one cross section is built. Note You need to Close the Cross Section Viewer and reopen if you have changed the Calculation Basis or the Illustration object selection.

CORRECTED: The Visual presentation of road pavament edge was not correct in some instances so the Inner Slope was shown to run through the modell.

CORRECTED: Road Standard Norway (2013) – A1 (5m) fixed double shoulder.

CORRECTED: Superelavation calculation without transition curves are improved.

REMOVED: No longer possible to read a model from file (*.IND) in the old tool. (Road.exe). Now only in the Road ribbon.

IMPROVED: «Calculate» og «To terrain» have now the following names for surface Group 4-6.

  • Group 4 is changed to “To rock/terrain surface”
  • Group 5 is changed to “To rock surface”
  • Group 6 is changed to “To terrain/soil”

NEW: Can now stop both a 4 or 5 type surface at a roack layer.

NEW: Now possible to Select that all calculated cross sections are to be included in the quantity calculation. (Select in Design tab > Settings > Accuracy).

Road Pavement

NEW: Method 2 for slope i Advanced road pavement has been re-introduced.

CORRECTED: Road pavement layers now stop With 8.9-surfaces.

CORRECTED: Improved visualization of the Result road model in Novapoint Base when fill, inner slope and Advanced road pavement are active in the same cross section.


IMPROVED: Terrain and Subsurface layers are cut when they are outside the LP and CS frame.


Version 20.0x

Terrain shaping in Quadrimodellen

The most important updates in Terrain shaping is: You can switch between elevation height and elevation line by pressing 1 or 2 on the keyboard. For instance if you are in point elevetion mode ( click enter if you still are in a task) and the press 2, then you change to point elevation mode.

When you make terrain With elevation line, the lines is saved as terrestial elevationline. These lines can be used as input to swipe, extrude etc.

Here is a film that showes this: <flashplayer width=480 height=295>file=/Video/Landskap/NovapointDCM/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude.mp4&image=/Video/Landskap/NovapointDCM/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude.png</flashplayer>


Updates in Novapoint Railway


Railway ribbon in NP Base

Fixed rounding problems in start and end station which caused a lot of error messages when building a model.

Switch Design

Fixed incline for switches with radius 190.

Catenary Modelling (KL modellering)

Fixed crash with long alignments


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

IMPROVED: More options are now included in the LandXML tool that can be opened from the Tunnel Design dialog. The user can now choose to export longitudinal lines for the closed ditched and/or for the theoretical/desgn base e.g..

IMPROVED: Improved functionality is implemented in the tool for inspecting the LandXML files. This tool can be opened from the Tunnel Design dialog.


Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

BASE - Drawing rules

NEW: Default drawing rule extended with slope arrow connected to gravitation pipe


NEW: Some changes in user interface.

  • Frost proof depth is now directly connected to cross section, not as a global parameter as before
  • Trench preview during import from existing DB

NEW: Function for Draw cross section from configuration to AutoCAD added to DRAW-menu.


NEW: Flexible function for multi-renaming of trenches added to Edit-menu.


Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian versions

  • Feature: New sign - Verantwoordelijke Signalisatie (#7179)
  • Feature: New sign - Hek (#7180)
  • Feature: New sign - Verkeerslichten (#7181)
  • Feature: New sign - Pijlwagen pechstrook (#7182)
  • Feature: New sign - Pijlwagen links (#7183)
  • Feature: New sign - Pijlwagen rechts (#7184)
  • Feature: New sign - Botskussen leeg (#7185)
  • Feature: New sign - Botskussen links (#7186)
  • Feature: New sign - Botskussen rechts (#7187)
  • Feature: New sign - Botskussen pechstrook (#7188)
  • Improvment: BOQ - It's now possible to make a selection of signs (#7189)
  • Bugfix: F39 - More background colors supported (#7172)
  • Bugfix: F41 - More background colors supported (#7171)
  • Bugfix: Group A signs - Size of signs updated (#7173)
  • Bugfix: Group B signs - Size of signs updated (#7174)
  • Bugfix: B5 - Size of sign updated (#7175)
  • Bugfix: B9 & B11 - Size of signs updated (#7176)

Norwegian version

  • Feature: 3D-sign - Added functionality to make 3D-sign in AutoCAD (#7218)
  • Improvment: COORDINATE TABLE - Uses z-coordnate from 3DSIGN (#7281)
  • Improvment: 560 - Support for 110.0 as a min added (#7418)
  • Improvment: 560.23 - New default configuration (#7395)
  • Bugfix: TSEXPLODE - Fixed some case that was not ok (#5227, #7425)
  • Bugfix: TSFRAME - Strange name of plate fixed (#7352)
  • Bugfix: 703.1 - It's now possible to double click to edit content (#7253)
  • Bugfix: 709.11 - Text height not updated (#6746)
  • Bugfix: 715 - Support for orange background colour added to colour field (#7254)
  • Bugfix: 715 - It was not possible to edit colour field (#7255)
  • Bugfix: 719.4 - Vertical distance between objects updated (#5045)
  • Bugfix: 727.3 - Wrong spelling of “Østfold” when add new plate (#7420)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • Improvment: Store in Quadri - Attributes for PHASE & MEDIUM added (#7356, 7426)

Updates in Novapoint Reinforcement

NEW: New reinforcement codes 99-457 to 99-466 and 99-419 are included. You need to use the new bar schedule templates to make this work. These templates are included in the installation package on: …\20.00\NP_Acad\Reinforcement\Templates.

NEW: Reinforcement code 99 can now be defined with variable reinforcement bars.

NEW: You can now shift the hook direction for reinforcemet code 26.

NEW: You can now choose to only update parts of the barschedules. This option is shown in the AutoCAD command line when you choose to export a bar schedule.


Update QuadriDCM Easy Access

v27.06.2016(Together with Novapoint 20.0x)

* Maps! Publish Plan Presentations from Novapoint Base to Easy Access.

You can now publish Plan View created in Novapoint Base, to Easy Access. The Plan View must have been shared With Quadri cloud first, using the SHARE button. Then go to this button:

Click on Maps and you will be asked to logg in With Your VianovaID. Then Select the number of zoom Levels for the tiles that will be generated to present the Plan View in Easy Access

See also video:

  • Publish a Plan Presentation: w620F6My0Rc

* You can now also add KML file to the map view in Easy Access.

Go to the menu Map's on the Dashboard. Select the Add KML file.

  • See also video:
  • NEW: Add KML files: gIPDSoz4Zv0

* You can use a map view ditributed to Easy Access, to drape on top of a Terrain surface, in the same way as you use Ortophoto or WMS

First step is to add it as external DataSource:

Then Select this map as input under WMS, Ortophoto,EDS when you make a 3D presentation:

  • NEW: Show your map on Project Overview: v9y8HH0LUxc
  • NEW: View your current position: 77OKu4as4Kg

* Search and Sorting tip:

Be avare that the topics could be sorted based on other parameters than “latest date”. Click on the double Arrow on upper left corner.

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