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Novapoint 19.3x.FP3a


Updates in Novapoint Base


Borrow lisens

One could borrow license but DCM Basic failed even though it looked as if one had borrowed license. The problem is now resolved.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

FIXED: Alignment Design could hang when an alingment was stored to a task without a calculation basis.

Road model calculation

FIXED: Some road models hung on calculation of terrain profiles (step 1).

FIXED: Inserting edge for the pavement gave a inner slope going across the cross-section in the Cross-section Viewer. This is now fixed for use of Insert Edge on the median, but not on ex. medians between the carriageway and a separate bikepath/walkpath.
The error in itself should not affect the mass calculation or result features since it is only visible in the Cross-section Viewer.

Mass calculation

FIXED: Errors on quantity calculation in FP3 for volumes of the road pavement and area of road bed/formation.

=== Draw Longitudinal profile IMPROVED/FIXED: Ground surface and Sub-surface layers is cut by the profile inner frame so it does not draw over other data in the longitudinal profile.

FIXED: Longitudinal profiles now again shows linetype for Rock when rock is at ground surface.

=== Draw Cross-sections FIXED: Cross-section drawings was not always drawing with the illustration objekcts even though they were used. This applied to volume objects and alignments.

Setting-out Data

FIXED: Wrong surface edges in the XML-file for surface 4.1 and outwards.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

NEW: It is now possible to define linear interpolated transition radius for both inner profile and perimeter.

FIXED: The geology- and rock support registration dialog crashed for some situations when you pressed Save or OK. This is now fixed.

FIXED: The 3D-drawing failed for some situations where you had changes in the road/railroad superstructure. This is now corrected.

FIXED: For some situations, the perimeter line was not drawn all the way in the plan drawing . This is now corrected.

FIXED: When choosing a drawing style with dotted inner profile line for the cross-section drawing, the inner profile was not drawn. This is now corrected.

FIXED: The volume annotation on the distance plan drawing was not shown. This is now corrected.


Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


IMPROVED: Wrong behavior in toggle buttons. Some settings did not match the expected behavior.

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