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Novapoint 19.3x.FP3


Updates in Novapoint Base

Novapoint on Microsoft Windows 10.

Novapoint 19.30.FP3 and Novapoint 19.35.FP3 has been tested on Microsoft Windows 10. Older versions of Novapoint may also work on Microsoft Windows 10 but will not be fully supported.

Incomplete stored model

In FP3 a new feature that will make it easier for the user to keep working after an incomplete storage has been added. The feature extracts the backup file so that the model will return to the state at last successful storage.

What to do :

1. Open the model in the usual way .

2. An error message saying Operation failed shows up

3. Press OK

4. A binder with a gray model in Explorer opens. The model is marked with “ Load Failed”

5. Right-click the model and choose “ Rollback ”

6. You then get a message saying Rollback of model.

7. Click OK

8. The model is now being rolled back by extracting backup file of the current model. When it is finished a new message Saying “Model rollback: model was rolled back” appears.

9. Click OK

10. The model is now ready to be scanned again . This can be done by right-clicking on the model again in Explorer and select “Load ”

11. The model is now read hopefully without problems

Presentation Setup

NEW: Show/Hide. A new pane is added to the Presentation Setup, where you can show or hide tasks that are included in a presentation, a more easy accessible way of manipulating the content of the presentation (temporarily) than changing the presentation content at task level.

NEW: New presentation rule: “Default”. Improved visualization by using more realistic textures.

FIXED: Previously, it was not possible to validate objects that were not reserved. But they were still marked as invalid (red). This is now corrected. Only reserved objects are shown as invalid.

FIXED: Some ground investigation objects were shown as invalid without the possibility to validate them. This is now fixed, so that the user can validate the ground investigation objects and change them to valid objects.

FIXED: When importing dbs-files with several boreholes in the same location, some of the related borehole investigations lost the connection to their mother bore hole. This is now corrected.

Terrain shaping

Basic Enhancements

  • Much more advanced palette of options when setting out elevation line
  • Edit multiple point elevations on elevation line
  • Generating elevation lines from line objects in model
  • Create stand alone hole polygon elevation lines 
  • Undo /redo 
  • Set existing point elevation when in text box
  • Enhanced use of textbox: more windows like
  • Updated delete possibilities 
  • Quick save button in ribbon
  • Enhanced snap functionality
  • Import Terrain shaping task into point elevations in ACAD

Updates in Novapoint Road

Road ribbon

FIXED: Smaller corrections on function naming.

FIXED: Wrong handling of template “From Existing Project in some cases.

FIXED: No longer possible to press “OK” in dialog for Vertical override when the road model is not reserved. This is in line with all other dialogs.

FIXED: In some cases “Full Length” was not correct for the reference alignment.

NEW: New button on the road ribbon to turn of the build of the road model on “Finish”. This solution will clear the result objects attached to the task to preserve a correct model so that there are no difference between indata in the road model and the calculated result.


NEW: A new message box appears if the calculation basis is missing giving an opportunity to go back to the road task and do the necessary changes before finishing. Removed previous message box and warning is written to the processinfo about missing calculation basis.


FIXED: Road model build sometimes when it was not necessary when pressing “Finish”.

Alignment Design

IMPROVED: General speed improvements.

IMPROVED/CHANGED: Coordinate transformation tool starts with no coordinate systems selected in the dialog.


IMPROVED: Saving an alignment to an alignment task that already has data gives warning about overwriting.

IMPROVED: “TERRAIN”, “FILL” and “CUT” has strike-through if the terrain is turned off (in addition to being grey as before)


FIXED: Offsetting horizontal geometry gave a crash in some cases.

Alignment as surface edge

IMPROVED: List of alingments to choose is now sorted and it is possible to type in the alignment name in the search field and take you straight to the alignment in the list.


Build road model

IMPROVED: Errors and warnings in process info is now shown with full information text as presented in the errors- and warnings file previously.


IMPROVED: Road model now handles alignments with more than 1000 elements. Limit is raised to 2500 elements.

IMPROVED: “Break” in surface description gives a real break on the surface edges for the result objects.



NEW/IMPROVED: In situations where the first ditch surface starts under terrain, but ends above terrain the first fill surface was used instead, but with the slope equal to the first ditch surface. Now the ditch surface is stopped when crossing the terrain surface, and a fill surface with the correct slope continues.

FIXED: When the cross sections were too detailed it could result in error messages.

Draw Longitudinal profile

IMPROVED: Longitudinal profile from Quadri based on an alignment task now gets the calculation basis from the alignment task as a standard.

FIXED: Updating draw of longitudinal profile with NCO did not delete the existing drawout before drawing a new longitudinal profile.

IMPROVED/FIXED: Draw longitudinal profile with multiple sub-surface layers is done so that the rock-surface gets linetype for Rock, and the upper terrain surface gets the linetype previously used for Soil.

Draw Cross-sections

FIXED: Cross-sections did not draw correctly when boundary for road model surfaces were created with the reference alignment as boundary.

NEW: Cross-sections from Road Model can be done with the cross-sections coming out on one long strip (no sheet frame).


NEW/IMPROVED: Draw Terrain Cross-sections is more like dialog for Cross-sections from Road Model.

IMPROVED: Changes on scale in the dialog no longer reset the input done in the dialog since it was started.

NEW: Cross-sections to PDF can be done in black/white based on CTB for better readability/visualisation.


FIXED: In some cases the cross-sections did not draw when using Draw Terrain Cross-sections.

Draw Multiple Road Models

FIXED: Surface edges were not always drawn for new road models.

NEW: Select/Deselect all road models for simpler handling.

NEW: Road models is selected/deselected based on whether or not they have been drawn from “Draw Multiple Road Models” earlier in the project (after upgrade to NP19.3x.FP3)

NEW: Possible to show full taskpath in column for taskname.

NEW: Possible to expand the column widths.

NEW: Possible to sort models based on data in the columns.


T-junction in CAD

FIXED: Crash if alignments was selected in the wrong order.

Vehicle Track Analysis

FIXED: Load and load lines are drawn out.

CHANGED: Load and load lines are turned off as default when drawing extra lines.


Updates in Novapoint Railway

New features

  • Added configuration dialog to Platform Edge Design to be able to input rail gauge and rail height.

Other improvements / fixes:

  • IMPROVED: Alignment Design and NADB calculation now handles 2500 elements
  • FIXED: Volume calculation accuracy was changed in some configurations when running CSWizard.
  • FIXED: Crossings in switch design using clothoid did not work very well.
  • FIXED: Length parameter for clothoid was wrong in some case in the input grid.
  • FIXED: In Alignment Design “OK Draw” did not draw updated cant and speed.
  • FIXED: Swedish switches was not defined correctly, they are now replaced with Norwegian switches.
  • FIXED: Missing z value when importing reference points from LandXML in Alignment Design.
  • FIXED: Platform edge Design calculation around OB/OE.
  • UPDATED: Norwegian sleeper types.
  • UPDATED: Track Connection now uses the new task selection dialog.

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

NEW: It is now possible to add, delete and edit rounds in a merged shift log.

FIXED: For some situations with an irregular longitudinal profile, the accuracies for the scanner points and the triangulated surface in the tunnel cross-section dialog were not as they should have been. The 3D-drawing was correct. The inaccuracies in the tunnel cross-section are now corrected.

FIXED: The functionality for defining crossing tunnels and niches failed for some situations. This is now corrected.

FIXED: The functionality for 3D-drawing failed for some situations. This is now corrected.

FIXED: Missing English translation is now included


Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Construction - performance

IMPROVED: Speed improvement when generating new trenches, and moving manholes and pipes in graphich (plan-/vertical window).

Calculation - performance

IMPROVED: Speed reduction when saving/updating WS-model data to Quadri model (building trenches, making volume for manholes and pipes).

Speed improvements is a function of the Quadri model size (area/number of TIN surfaces, and number of illustration objects)

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

International version

  • Bugfix: General - cuix-file added for Road Sign Standard (#6998)

Norwegian version

  • Feature: Service-symbols - Symbols added for 640.101, 640.102 & 640.103 (#6779)
  • Feature: 601 - New version of the sign added (#6993)
  • Improvment: General - Improved how settings are stored in the drawing (#6963)
  • Improvment: 709.3 - Support added for colorfield on right arrow (#6080)
  • Improvment: 731 - Several improvements in functionality and design (#1974, #6957)
  • Bugfix: General - FATAL ERROR in some cases if user delete TSINFO objects (#7107)
  • Bugfix: 709.3 - Geometry on arrow updated (#6545)
  • Bugfix: 757 - It was only possible to insert mini to the first row (#7032)


Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Norwegian version

  • Bugfix: General - default properties was missing when open old drawings (#6634)


Version 19.3x.FP3

Updates in Virtual Map 7.1.2

Version 7.1.2 (Released February 2016)

New features

  • Change of product name from “Novapoint Virtual Map” to “Virtual Map”
  • Full support for unicode characters for foreign language texts in user interface like attribute names and values
  • Batch generate tool

Other improvements / fixes:

  • Crash on building façade tool

Easy Access (

v07.04.2016 (Together with Novapoint 19.3xFP3)

  • Maps! Publish Plan Presentations from Novapoint Base to Easy Access
    • Publish a Plan Presentation: w620F6My0Rc
    • Add KML files: gIPDSoz4Zv0
    • Show your map on Project Overview: v9y8HH0LUxc
    • View your current position: 77OKu4as4Kg
  • 3D Presentations
    • Measure Tool: measure the distance between two positions in your model 1YNeKfFapfQ
    • Improved speed
    • Improved texture and lighting support
    • Borehole support
    • Fixed issues with updating the same presentation
  • Topics
    • Better relative date support
    • Remembering the Order by choice and Filter keywords when navigating from list to detail view (in Novapoint)
    • Fixed quality issue when redlining a snapshot

Feature Catalogue

ModuleRequired Feature CatalogueRecommended Feature Catalogue
Novapoint Base-DCM 1.05*1.13
Novapoint Base 1.05 1.121.13
Novapoint Area Planning1.051.13
Novapoint Landscape 1.051.13
Novapoint Railway 1.051.13
Novapoint Road 1.05 1.121.13
Novapoint Terrain 1.051.13
Novapoint Water and Sewer1.051.13
Novapoint Bridge 1.051.13
Novapoint Road Marking 1.051.13
Novapoint Road Sign 1.051.13
Novapoint Virtual Map N.AN.A
Novapoint Tunnel 1.111.13
Novapoint Civil Construction1.051.13
Novapoint Noise 1.051.13
Novapoint District Heating1.051.13
Novapoint ReinforcementN.AN.A
Novapoint Product LibraryN.AN.A
Novapoint Easy AccessN.AN.A
Novapoint Geosuite1.091.13

* Building/Roof-task requires Quadri_1918_1.12 to make buildings as result

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