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Novapoint 19.3x.FP2c


Version 19.3x.FP2c

NovapointDCM Base

FIXED: QG4 import - conversion rule choice is greyed out. fixed crash on reimport.

FIXED: Receive and Reserve/Release. This update addresses an issue where the application was not able to fulfil receive or reserve / release.

FIXED: Import / Export. This update addresses an issue where some features with solid geometry was only partly imported / exported when assigned CRS for source and target is different.

FIXED: Preview and import of data from an external QuadriDCM database containing a previous version of the feature catalogue failed and produced strange and misleading error messages.

FIXED: The 3D Drawing rule Default_BETA is now as fast as the other drawing rule


Updates in Novapoint Road

Road model calculations

FIXED: When there was to much terrain data in the cross section the road surfaces would not be calculated correctly.

FIXED: Some combinations of End surface in Advanced Pavement gave unwanted spikes.

IMPROVED: Calculation speed is improved.


Version 19.3x.FP2c

Known errors

There is an error in the Cross Section Wizard if you are designing a double track situation and the main track is “Left”. The surface description gets wrong. Calculations are ok if main track is “Right”. Will be fixed in the next update.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

Calculations and drawing production of niches failed in some situations when the vault had a opening angle larger than 180 degrees. This is corrected now.


Version 19.3x.FP2c

Novapoint Water and Sewer


PERFORMANCE: Improved function for point height elevation caclulation. Will have impact on speed when generating new trenches, and edit functions in graphic during design.

3D - SOLID export from model

FIXED: Wrong presentation of pipe volumes if there was a combination of same pipe type - same pipe dimension, but different pipe material. Eg concrete in first section and plastic in second section. Presentation showed volume in first section also for next section.

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