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Novapoint 19.3x.FP1b


Version 19.3x.FP1b

Fixing defects in Novapoint Road

Change calculation basis

When a dialog in the road tool had been in use before changing the calculation basis in a roadtask, then the changes was not included in the build. This is now fixed.

Rock profiles when drawing longitudinal profile

Some times the rock profile was not included in the longitudinal profile. This is now fixed.


New functionality in Novapoint Tunnel

It is now possible to show the LandXML files that you produce with the function “Export of Survey data” together with the tunnel geometry in the “Tunnel Design dialog”. This you can do from the “Tools- Load LandXML Overlay” menu Choice.

You activate the LandXML overlay with the drawing attribute “Show LandXML”.

Correction of errors in Novapoint Tunnel

  • 3D-drawing: The clipping of niches and crossing tunnels against the main tunnel geometry doesn't work. This is now corrected.

Correction of errors in Novapoint Reinforcement

  • For bars of type 13 or 33 it is now included a stopping check to make sure that the b-measurement is more than 2*bar-diameter + dor-diameter.
  • The comments for bars of type -99 is now included in the bar schedule.
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