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*.GEN import – The terrain lines imported from the road model import, can not be used for re-calculation. When you map up a road model, the alignments for reference line and all lines used in the design, must be re-connected manually. The names will be correct in the road model, but you need to manually re-connect them.

Ground surface/ Sub surface

If all breaklines are selected as 'Swap edges', which are default settings, the program will not check if there are crossing breaklines. That might cause artificial holes in the triangulation around the crossing points. The model can also wrong with overlapping triangles and the outer boundary can be wrongly calculated. This might cause that it is not possible to use the surface as calculation base and/or to create hole in it. WORKAROUND is to unselect at least one of the feature types as 'Swap edges' as shown in this illustration:

Break lines and swap edges are activated when user open Settings and click Save to task. If user do changes in Elevation input, user has to open Settings again and check the list of break lines and swap edges and Save to task. Changes in breaklines and swap edge selection are overwritten after doing changes in Elevation input. User should always open Settings, check and select Save to task before finish calculation and task with OK-button

Sub surface - When Features to modify is selcted as Result in Sub surface task, the Layer material type is given and stored if the Features to modify are of type SubsurfaceSurface. When the task is editted, the Layer material will not show correct in the task ribbon, but the features Material type will still be correct. You can check the Material type by selecting the Result feature(s) and check the property civilEngineeringClassification:

Group task

When there are changes in indata to group task (for example reimport), the group task must be recalculated (open and click OK in task.) Then the group task will update the references to the reimported or recalculated features.

Presentation setup

When user changes a presentation rule in Presentation setup, the changes will appear in the active view. If user have other, not active windows open that uses the presentation rule that is edited, the rendering might behave strange in these windows.

Novapoint Tunnel

  • The cross-fall values in the LandXML file are wrong. This will be corrected in the next release.
  • Ditches modeled by the water and sewer module and referenced into the road model are not always handled correctly in NP Tunnel. The functions 3D-drawing, volume calculation and LandXML export all give wrong results in some situations. This will be corrected in the next release.
  • The system fails when exporting the geometry for the crossing tunnels. This will be corrected in the next release.

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