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Getting started quickly

This topic is for users who want a quick walk-through of how to do a project in Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner.

Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner is designed as a flexible tool that allows you to work the way you want to. As you continue to develop your working skills, you'll discover new ways to work more efficiently and manage your project.

Quick tour

Basic steps for Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner projects:

Open the drawing:



* Select database for project information.

Settings -> Create Parcel...

  • Select “Fill color for parcel”
  • Layer - Parcel - Layer name for new parcel
  • Layer - Parcel number - Layer name for new parcel number
  • Layer - Parcel Fill Solid - Layer name for the solid fill of the parcel
  • Land type - Default land type when creating topology

Parcels -> Create parcels -> From closed polylines & text...

  • Select layer for lot lines
  • Select layer for lot text

Parcels -> Edit parcels -> Change land type

  • Select the lot type you want to assign to the parcel from the dialogue and pick inside parcel for change land type.

Parcels -> Attach information from ASCII-file

Select the file:


Parcels -> Show parcel information

  • Pick inside a parcel for displaying info.

Acquisition -> Define acquisition boundary -> By alignment

  • Acquisition phase :1 - Select two polylines
  • Acquisition phase :2 - Select two polylines====Calculation → Calculate Land Acquisition====

Calculation -> Statistic table -> Create table from template...

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