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Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner is an-easy-to use, multi-purpose calculation tool. Depending on the specific configuration you are using, Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner can calculate different formats from a single project. You can create land acquisition drawings following a long list of different standards, e.g. Norwegian Road Authorities, Norwegian Railway Department, JKR Standard (Malaysia), +++.


The polygons that creates when using Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner focuses on area-based relationships. Every area (lot boundary) forms a polygon; and each polygon consists of a set of links. A polygon has a centroid, which is a point (text insertion point for the lot number) within the polygon, and contains information about the area it encloses.

You should clean up your data before you using Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner. There must be no gaps or overlaps between any of the line work in the lot boundary geometry.

Establish a project database

Before creating topology it's necessary to establish a database connection.

Database… -

Open or create a project database.

Create a lot boundary polygon of each lot number

To make only one function that automatically will create all the different lot boundary polygons 100% correct for all types of project is almost impossible. That's why we in Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner has implemented different functions for calculate a lot boundary polygon for each lot number.

From closed polyline + text… -

Scans the entire drawing and tries to create all of the lot boundary polygons automatically. The function will give feedback on the result.

Select text + closed polyline -

A function that manually creates a boundary polygon from a selected text. The user will be asked to connect the lot number to the correct boundary polygon (polyline).

Tips: First run “From closed polyline + text…” (the function will normally automatically create 90¬ñ97% of the lot boundary polygons), and then use “Select text + closed polyline” to create the remaining lot boundary polygons.

Define acquisition boundary

After creating all of the lot boundary polygons its time to define the different acquisition boundaries. The program will use these boundaries when calculating the Land Acquisition areas for each lot number. Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner has implemented three different functions for defining acquisition boundaries.

By alignment -

By alignment.

By polygon -

By polygon.

By all polygon in layer -

By all polygon in layer.

Calculate Land Acquisition

After creating all of the boundary polygons and acquisition boundaries its time to calculate the acquisition.

Use the “Calculate land acquisition” function to start the calculations.

Presentation data

You can easily present the result of the acquisition calculation in different types of tables.

Use the “Statistics table” or “Break point table” functions.

Note: The “break point table” is only available for aligned based acquisition boundary.

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