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About Trimble Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox

The software package contains a project management program GeoSuite Archive that is the central part of the Toolbox. This product must always be in an installation and be started for other products to work properly.

GeoSuite Presentation is the product that handles collection, reporting and interpretation of drill results from field surveys.

In addition, four calculation programs:

  • GeoSuite Stability for analysis of land slides
  • GeoSuite Settlement for settlement analysis, with and without regard to creep effects
  • GeoSuite Supported Excavation for analysis and calculation of sheet piles
  • GeoSuite Pile Group for analysis and calculation of Piles

Licensing can be either with local license (MAC) or with floating licenses. The same licensing system (FlexLm) is used just like for other Novapoint products.

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