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Add Presentation

For adding 3D Presentation there is new functionality in Easy Access. This one is especially useful for adding:

  • Ortophoto
  • Trees
  • Existing buildings with facade textures.
  • Objects from 3D Warehouse (SKP files)
  • Building data from different sources like for example Tekla, Revit & Archicad (IFC Files)

Add Presentation

For adding a new presentation you will need a *.trb file and this guide will show you how that is done. Locate this button under the presentation window in Easy Access

Add file

Choose the file you want to add directly to Easy Access

Drop file

Drop the *.trb file here, (max 200 MB)


Give the presentation a name that can be seen in the list


For example if the data is in millimeter or meter. The scale factor can compensate for this.


Here you can control Offset and rotation of the insertion point.


Add a thumbnail that will be shown in the preview window

When all the parameters are set you can click “Add” and the new 3D presentaion is added to your list directly in Easy Access with all your other data from Quadri.

Example for a finished presentation to Easy Access


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