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Show Road Information

Key sections and locked points are shown with red dots, calculated (interpolated) points are drawn with light blue dots. Road surface numbers are also shown. This information can be useful when you reopen a cross section or do not remember the roads surface numbers.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Bridge Show Road Information
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Bridge Show Road Information

Run the function so the road information is displayed.

See the below shown graphical illustrations.

Bridge Cross-Section without Road Information. Blue line is the Road Surface line and the Yellow Line is !!Terrain Surface!!. The annotation P refers Station No.

Bridge Cross-Section with Road Information. The Road Surface Numbers, connected points and liberated points are shown.

Note: The information only appears on the screen and is not drawn on the drawing. Once you run the tools, Redraw, Regen, or Zoom of AutoCAD, the information will disappear.

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