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Draw 3D Elements

Draw 3D Elements

Use the following procedure to draw 3D elements along the road. This function is very well designed for modelling stippled road markings or non-continuous structures that follow a road.

Note: You should have to define the geometry of your bridge/structure in advance, using cross-sections from library or your own cross-sections. The geometry must be defined using at least two key cross-sections. This function will generate a 3D surface model.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Bridge 3D Draw 3D Elements
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: 3D Draw 3D Elements

Command prompts for:

Enter station for the start <m>:

Define the start station.

Enter station for the end <m>:

Define the end station.

As a default, the station of the first key cross section will be selected as the start station. Similarly, the station of the last key cross section will be selected as the default value for the end station. You will have a free choice of any station between these two stations.

Enter the length of an element <m>:

Define the length of each element being drawn.

Enter the length between the elements <m>:

Define the distance between elements. The distance between blocks is measured as the distance between the start of one element to the start of next element, i.e., spacing between the elements.

Max. no. of segments for a circle <Number>:

The curve resolution factor tells the program how many surfaces the curved surfaces of the cross-section are to be divided into. This value is used only for cross-sections with curved surfaces. To draw a curved surface this function must divide the arc into several straight-lines. 3D-surfaces are placed along these lines. The parameter is the number of straight segments in a circle. If you for example choose 40 surfaces for a circle and the cross-section includes a curved surface that is 1/4 of a circle, the curved surface will be drawn with 10 3D-surfaces.

Disconnect UNDO (Y/N) ? <No>:

Select desired option. When drawing a 3D surface model, it might be a good idea to switch off the Undo function to avoid large temporary files.

Drawing the 3D model, ESC to interrupt.

If you wish to cancel the function, you should press ESC.

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