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Version 20.xx.FP6

Updates in Novapoint Base


IMPROVED: This update contains general bug fixes and improvements


IMPROVED: The presentation rule Default is improved. UnspecifiedLandCover is now filled with a transparent texture. Manhole names are also shown.

IMPROVED: New attribute “Vertical Distance to Object” added to the text render handler for user to edit Text location.

IMPROVED: In Vector Symbol render handler, it is now possible to browse for symbol

IMPROVED: Drawing rule editor is improved with many bug fixes. Please see updated list of known issues in new version of user guide found here

Insert – Import files

NEW: IFC - possibility to configure conversion rules for export of IFC, so that Property Sets can be created. This can be configured for all domains, but in FP6 a conversion rule is added for supporting water and sewer.

IMPROVED: GML import/Export is improved


NEW: In these tasks: Sub surface, Ground surface, Extrude, Sweep, Building and Geometry there is a new option in Settings to add generic attribute to the result feature(s)

N > Options

NEW: A new option “Draw lines with antialiasing” is added in N > Options > Windows. Enabling this option will make smoother lines for lines that appear jagged.

Property view/Classification

NEW: When you select a feature that fulfills the query of a Classification task (or several classification tasks), the Property view now shows which classification task(s) this is:

Property view

IMPROVEMENT: Boolean values are now visible in Property View and possible to add in genericPropertyList.

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