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Version 20.0XFP2b

General bug fixes included in release

Ground surface/Sub surface

FIXED: The error that when tasks and features selected in elevation input are reimported, the breakline settings are lost. Go into settings to set them again. There are still situations (i.e when feature selections are done) that the settings will be lost. We advice to check the settings when task is edited.


FIXED: Imported TIN surfaces from LandXML that were overlapping caused Novapoint to crash in some Road and W&S calculations. This is now fixed

FIXED: In some cases during import, clicking Settings button created a crash. This is now fixed


FIXED: Solid geometries created with Sweep or Extrude could not be exported to dwg. This is now fixed.

FIXED: In Present as DWG arcs were drawn as straight lines. This is now fixed.

FIXED: When reexport to *.quadriModel, all files and folders on selected root were deleted. This is now fixed

Move vertical

FIXED: Cases where Move vertical made Novapoint to crash is now fixed

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