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Conversion Rules

Conversion rules are used to translate information from files and other sources to Quadri Model features.

The conversion rules are very important for getting as much information into your model as possible. Read the table underneath for terminology used when defining conversion rules.

Conversion ruleDefine what resulting feature an item in the source file/model shall become in the destination model/file. For import: Conversion rules from source file to destination Quadri model.
For export: Conversion rules from source Quadri model to destination file.
Source formatFor import: The file type to import.
For export: QuadriModel
Source Feature CatalogueWhen importing, the file is read and it is first converted to an intermediate format; this is actually also a Quadri Model, but with a Feature Catalogue - the Source Feature Catalogue - that is closely related to the original structure of the file format. In this way we first capture all the information into this intermediate stage, then we convert it from this again to the format of the target Quadri Model. Read more. When exporting the source Feature Catalogue is the Feature Catalogue of the Quadri model
CompatibilityA conversion file can be used for different feature catalogues version. You can set the compatibility setting to; Forward - Match this feature catalogue version and any new versions. Backward - Match this feature catalogue version and older. Both - Match any type of feature catalogue version. Exact - Match only this feature catalogue version. Tip; If the conversion file can be used for any version of the feature catalogue, the compatibility should be set to Both. For Sosi versions (and QuadriG1) the compatibility should be set to Exact.
Destination formatImport: The Quadri Model uses a specific Feature Catalogue; This is called the target Feature Catalogue. A conversion ruleset needs to know what target Feature Catalogue is used.Export: the file format to export to
Conversion RulesetA number of separate conversion rules stored together in a file. You select a conversion ruleset when importing - or exporting - files to/from a Quadri Model.
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