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Model Server 3.2.c

Released: May 2021

NB: To run Model Server 3.2, you need Novapoint version 21 or newer.

Model Manager

Fixed (Resolved issues)

This update fix an issue where the user get an incorrect message: “You do not have access to Model Manager” even if the user have access.

Model Server

Fixed (Resolved issues)

This update fix an issue where share changes could fail.

Fixed (Resolved issues)

This update fixes a problem that caused a server failure to give the error message “Unknown exception” in stead of the real error message. This also causes a problem with rollback, leaving an *.InTransaction file in the workset directory. This causes the work set to fail opening.

Known issues

Email adresses in Model Manager: The email addresses for users are resolved when a user Accept an invitation. As a result users that have accepted the invitation prior to version 3.2.B is applied the email address field will be empty. Trimble Civil support can help resolve this issue.

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