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Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP5

Released: 18.10 2017

NB: To run Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP5, you need Novapoint version 20.0x or newer.

Version 2.0.FP5

This version addresses several performance and stability issues. In addition, there are some new and improved functions, particularly in Quadri Model Manager.


The standard schedule for hot data back-up is changed from full back-up every day to weekly full back-up and daily incremental back-up the following six days.

This will significantly decrease the amount of disk space required to host a Quadri installation. And help large installations to complete a back-up process outside normal office hours.

Novapoint Quadri Client


NEW: As part of Share all changes (New or Updated Tasks and Features) goes through a validation process before they are merged with the Shared model. This is ensure that the shared model is kept valid according certain integrity requirements. The validation process report in the process view and issues are reported as warnings, errors or fatal errors. You will not be allowed to share changes that classifies as fatal error.

Quadri Model Manager


QMM Server

Information and functionality that was located on the page named Server is from now on located on some new tabs; Server Dashboard, Models, Users, Maintenance and Settings. Which tabs that are available is depended on the role of the signed in user. Model and Users contains information and functionality that is new in this version.


QMM Server Models

This new tab lists

  • Size on disk on the server side for each model.
  • All work sets on the server for each model
Model size on disk on server side is not directly comparable to the size of worksets on client side.

QMM Server Users

This new tab lists

  • All users that has Signed in one or more times on the server and for each user the time they last signed in.
  • Number of unique users that has signed in during a given time period; grouped by day, week, month or year.

QMM Server Dashboard

This new tab contains two new panels

One with status, size and time for executed back-ups. Moreover, another with access to log files that are not connected to each model. These log files used to be accessible from each model.

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