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Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP2.d

Released: March 2017

NB: To run Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP2.d, you need Novapoint version 20.0x or newer.

This strongly recommended update addresses several issues

Version 2.0.FP2d


Crash / program stop in Receive for some work sets with a message like “Cannot merge incomplete server task type”.


Crash in Join a Project, Share, Receive and Reserve/Release all with a message referring to a problem with “Incomplete Feature version”


Crash in Reserve referring to false reservation conflicts. In some rare situations, the Reserve function tried to reserve one feature twice.

Users who experience any of these three listed issues should do Join a Project to get a new fresh work set.


Share did not always completely delete deleted features from the shared model. Because of that, the deleted features later reappeared in other worksets.


Ground investigation data was not always fetched correctly and in some rare situations the system even crashed / stopped while fetching data

Quadri Model Manager

FIXED: Crash when selecting Task Timeline. This only happened when selecting Task Timeline directly after looking at the (Model) Timeline

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