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Novapoint 20.0x.FP6

If you use Trimble Quadri, this version can only be used with Trimble Quadri 2.0 or newer.

If you use named login (Vianova ID) with Novapoint 20.05, then make sure you have Novapoint 20.05.FP6

Models created with earlier versions of Novapoint, will be converted on opening in NP20.00 and can ONLY be used in NP20.00, and it will not be possible to open it with earlier versions of Novapoint after conversion.

Using Novapoint 20.05 with floating license (FLEXlm license manager) will require license manager 11.14 of FLEXlm. Make sure the license manager support this before you try to use Novapoint 20.05. If your network uses the IPv6 protocol (as used in Microsoft Direct Access), you should set the FNP_IP_PRIORITY=6 environment variable on the client computer to give priority to IPv6, which can improve performance and avoid unwanted IPv4 address resolution.

Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05 will both require license version 20.00.

Login using named user (Vianova ID) will work for both Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05.

There are some issues using the USB hardware lock (FLEXid). Please contact us if you want to use Novapoint 20.05 with the USB lock.


Updates in Novapoint Base


IMPROVED: This update contains general bug fixes and improvements


IMPROVED: The presentation rule Default is improved. UnspecifiedLandCover is now filled with a transparent texture. Manhole names are also shown.

IMPROVED: New attribute “Vertical Distance to Object” added to the text render handler for user to edit Text location.

IMPROVED: In Vector Symbol render handler, it is now possible to browse for symbol

IMPROVED: Drawing rule editor is improved with many bug fixes. Please see updated list of known issues in new version of user guide found here

Insert – Import files

NEW: IFC - possibility to configure conversion rules for export of IFC, so that Property Sets can be created. This can be configured for all domains, but in FP6 a conversion rule is added for supporting water and sewer.

IMPROVED: GML import/Export is improved


NEW: In these tasks: Sub surface, Ground surface, Extrude, Sweep, Building and Geometry there is a new option in Settings to add generic attribute to the result feature(s)

N > Options

NEW: A new option “Draw lines with antialiasing” is added in N > Options > Windows. Enabling this option will make smoother lines for lines that appear jagged.

Property view/Classification

NEW: When you select a feature that fulfills the query of a Classification task (or several classification tasks), the Property view now shows which classification task(s) this is:

Property view

IMPROVEMENT: Boolean values are now visible in Property View and possible to add in genericPropertyList.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Crossfall and widening calculation

FIXED: Roadstandard Norway (2013). Widening not applied for R > 499,9m, now is changed to R > 500m.

FIXED: Roadstandard Norway (2013). Crossfall calculation not always correct.

Deep blasting

FIXED: Situations where the deep blasting shoots above the road surface.

Build road model

FIXED: When boundaries on lefthand and righthand side was set to the centerline for the whole model it entered an infinite loop as there was no results to produce.

Draw Longitudinal Profile

FIXED: Alignments as illustration objects would sometimes not draw. They were disabled and “greyed” out. They are now available, and make sure that you check the checkbox in the dialog to see the results.

FIXED: Draw Multiple Longitudinal Profiles could crash in CAD 2015/2016 when used multiple times in a row.

Vehicle Tracking Analyzer

FIXED: Spanish vehicle list had a duplicate causing some vehicles listed to not match the template shown.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Road task

FIXED: Editing “All chainage” in a non-reserved road task gave crash on 'Cancel'.

View in Base

NEW: Contourlines are now correct across features so that major and minor contourlines correlate.

FIXED: Contourlines on features was drawn arbitrary.

Quantity report

FIXED: OK-button in the dialog gave no response when necessary files was deleted by a 3rd party clean-up tool on the %TEMP%-folder in Windows.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

FIXED: The baseline function for the inner profile is now corrected.

FIXED: Known errors in the LandXML-file export are now corrected.

FIXED: Known errors in the viewing functionality for exported LandXML files are now corrected.

FIXED: Leakage registrations with the leakage value not set were shown with a very small number for the leakage value. This is now corrected.


Updates in Water and Sewer

Version 20.x FP6


  • IMPROVED: Default drawingrule present manhole name. New parameter “Vertical distance To Object” added on Text render handler (reference, “0”, is bottom inside).
  • NEW: Pipe AutoCAD Color Index, set in WS Configuration database, is stored as Generic Property in Quadri-model
  • NEW: Example WS2IFC Conversion Rule support IFC Property Set


  • IMPROVED: “Multi-edit Properties” extended with manhole “Total Height” (Ztop - Zinside).
  • IMPROVED: “Replace Geometry” adapt geometry from 3D Polylines
  • NEW: Possibility to calculate Trench without Trench Surface.


  • NEW: Added new Pipe Network types; District Heating, District Cooling, Oil/Gas, Waste

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

All versions

  • IMPROVED: General - Replaced shared OCX with a new Standard Control DLL (#HAN-443)

Belgian versions

  • NEW: New signs - Added support for ZE1 and ZE1b (#HAN-482)

Norwegian version

  • IMPROVED: 75x - Added support for two new mini symbols (#HAN-445)
  • FIXED: 3DSIGN - Update sign setup was not always ok (#HAN-634)
  • FIXED: RSTABLE - The sorting functionality was not working fully as designed (#HAN-643)
  • FIXED: RSTABLE - Incorrect sign size may occur in some cases (#HAN-425)
  • FIXED: 212 - Size used in program was wrong (#HAN-636)
  • FIXED: 701.1 - The distance between plates was sometimes wrong (#HAN-444)
  • FIXED: 723.11-16 - Wrong distance between characters when standalone sign (#HAN-272)
  • FIXED: 725 - Wrong border color on brown background (#HAN-479)
  • FIXED: 753.1 - The TH 70 and 84 was missing (#HAN-437)

Swedish version

  • IMPROVED: General - Updated according to new design std. dated 01.12.2017 (#HAN-605)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • IMPROVED: General - Replaced shared OCX with a new Standard Control DLL (#HAN-539)

Danish version

  • FIXED: CUIX - The “Modify” button was not ok in Ribbon (#HAN-423)

Norwegian version

  • FIXED: General - The default linetype is sometimes blank in settings (#HAN-426)
  • FIXED: General - Incresed the maximum number of segment supported (#HAN-555)
  • FIXED: General - Updated geometry of symbols according to updated standard (#HAN-556)
  • FIXED: Linetype - The linetype “Varsellinje” was is in some cases misspelled (#HAN-552)

Swedish version

  • FIXED: General - FATAL ERROR when converting old drawings fixed (#HAN-409)

Update Quadri Easy Access

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