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Novapoint 20.0x.FP1

If you use Quadri, this version can only be used with Quadri 2.0 or newer.

Models created with earlier versions of Novapoint, will be converted on opening in NP20.00 and can ONLY be used in NP20.00, and it will not be possible to open it with earlier versions of Novapoint after conversion.


Updates in Novapoint Base


NEW: Sky and horizon in 3D-presentation

When creating a 3D-presentation task, you now have the possibillity to add sky and horizon textures in the background. You do this by activation the button under.

NEW: In Explorer on model, a possibility to select tasks and features with Dynamic Query.

NEW: Dynamic Query. Selection by “Date of Interest” added.

NEW: Last used task template will be used as default template next time a task of that type is created. Which template is used when task is created is shown in the chunk:

NEW: Import/export of RailMl added

NEW: Export to Trimble TTM

NEW: Export of area inside a polygon in DWG export


Updates in Novapoint Road


CORRECTED: Interpretation of GRID-terrain along line object for Long Section and Cross Section functions in Novapoint Base.

IMPROVED: Road model result objects is no longer always set to phase “Designed” even though phase “Existing” is chosen.

Road task

CORRECTED: Period “.” in road model filename made the road calculation fail.

Alignment Design

CORRECTED: New alignment was not used when “Pick Angular Point” was used to replace an existing alingment.

Road model

IMPROVED: Export of road model to .GEN from non-reserved tasks no longer give Read-only files. This will eliminate problems regarding this when reading the file in to GEMINI software.

CORRECTED: Export to IND with special caracters (ex. ÆØÅ) did not create a file.

IMPROVED: Crossfall calculation with broken shoulder kan now be established on all 2-surfaces for shoulder.

IMPROVED: Crossfall calculations changed to avoid quick changes in the crossfall in cases where the alignment does not give room for correct crossfall calculations.

IMPROVED: Widening in areas where there isn't room for normal widening transitions to 0,000m width (ex. arc-line-arc combination where the line is to short for normal transitions it will do a linear transition between the widths between the curves).

Cross-section Viewer

CORRECTED: Storing of alignment from surface edge if the road model filenames included period “.” in the filename before “.GEN”.

Draw Horizontal Alignment

CORRECTED: Crash when the catalog-file was missing (previously demanded Reset User Settings or manual work to fix)

CORRECTED: Possible to change the description to drawing setup after it is generated.

IMPROVED: Drawing speed for alignments in the Quadrimodel.

Draw Longitudinal Profile

CORRECTED: Crash when the catalog-file was missing (previously demanded Reset User Settings or manual work to fix)

Draw Cross-sections

CORRECTED: Crash when the catalog-file was missing (previously demanded Reset User Settings or manual work to fix)

IMPROVED/CORRECTED: Errors connected to the dialog or result when drawing cross-sections to PDF or DWG. General improvements.

Draw Road model

CORRECTED: Drawing 3D-surfaces to layername with <TaskName>.

CORRECTED: Updating or drawing road model again made the drawing disappear as if one wanted to remove/delete the road model drawout.


Updates in Novapoint Railway

Alignment Design

ENHANCED: You can now set start station for an alignment with more than 3 decimals precision.

ENHANCED: Cant with sign: If you switch on use “Cant with sign” in railway mode of Alignment Design, the program will automatically set negative cant where appropriate.

ENHANCED: Added a new user option to remove short straight lines from vertical geometry. Short straight lines can be introduced between consecutive arcs if imported data is of low quality or the radius's are very big.

ENHANCED: A new LandXML export format is added to Alignment Design. This new format includes NADB input data and segmentation info in the XML file. NOTE: If alignment consist of consecutive straight lines, the NADB portion may not be complete or may be empty. This is currently a limitation. It is recommended to use the original LandXML format in this cases.

ENHANCED: In the Add arc function, the user now have the possibility to overrule while designing by having the option in the command line to choose a new length and/or radius to use instead of the default values.

ENHANCED: Vertical help lines is now stored in the model in addition to be stores on the alignment in the Autocad drawing.

ENHANCED: It is now possible to set start station for vertical geometry independently from the horizontal geometry. Right click station column in vertical input tab and use “Set start station…” function.

FIXED: In Advanced 3D offset, added possibility use surface edges from road models, not only railway models. Also, it is now not necessary to select road or railway task if the chosen options does not require such.

FIXED: Zoom to ref.point in vertical drawing.


ENHANCED: A rail gauge parameter has been added to the CSWizard's page 2. This makes it easy to have different rail gauges for different projects.

FIXED: Missing pavement in first section


FIXED: Excel report: Cant with sign now supported.

FIXED: KM stationing xml files are now shared on server without having to save the XML files from Acad side (previous workaround).


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

FIXED: Q-values are now also imported when you import tunnel geometry XML-files with geology registrations.

FIXED: The distance plan drawings including the distance and volume Excel reports are now showing the correct values. If you change the input values for triangulation of design surfaces, then the system can produce wrong results. This will be corrected in future versions.


Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

BASE - Drawing rules

NEW: Default WS drawing rule reading materialtype and texture from WS Configuration DB.

Textures are predefined based on material type. For manholes and pipes with plastic material(PE, PP, PVC,..), textures can be selected only from Plastic-folder, and for Concrete and Steel respectively from Concrete-maand Steel-folder), and other materials from Color-folder. If user select texture from other folders, which is not “material relevant”, the pipe network color is presented instead (Water=Blue, etc)


NEW: Possible to edit manhole height NEW: Possible to lock manhole height NEW: Possible to view brekpoint angle in graphic (horisontal- og vertical drawing).

Presentation - Longsection

NEW: Possible to draw multiple trench longsections in one process


Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian versions

  • IMPROVED: CUIX - Added support for Ribbon menu (#7625)

Finnish version

  • FIXED: Dimesions - A number of signs updated (612, 641, 642, 643, 646, 648 and 649) for TH=150 (#5415)
  • FIXED: 611MB - Dimesions updated (#5459)
  • FIXED: 632 - Area calculation was not always correct (#7054)
  • FIXED: 771b - It was not possible to use (#7638)

Norwegian version

  • NEW: General - Added functionality for automatically fill solid hatch inside a polyline (#7570)
  • IMPROVED: RSTABLE - Support for multiple templates (#6081)
  • IMPROVED: Font - Adjusted distance between characters (#6216)
  • FIXED: Font - Outline geometry was not ok for character 1 (#7569)
  • FIXED: General - Part of geometry was sometimes on wrong elevation (#7452)
  • FIXED: TSEXPLODE - Improved for std. signs (#7576)
  • FIXED: Ref. line - AutoCAD hang after adding a TSTABLE2 to the drawing (#7568)
  • FIXED: 707.2 - Text colour was sometimes not correct inside colourfield (#7511)
  • FIXED: 725 - Distance from text to number was not ok if mini (#2831)

Swedish version

  • NEW: 3D-sign - Added functionality to make 3D-sign in AutoCAD (#7526)
  • IMPROVED: General - Several improvements of storing of settings (#7483)
  • FIXED: General - Some signs did not have any default information about size (#1524)
  • FIXED: General - Some signs was not inserted in correct size (#7529, #7530)
  • FIXED: F7 - It was wrong color on arrow when yellow-green background (#7482)
  • FIXED: F17-2 & F17-3 - Different sizes in dialog to what was drawn (#7481)
  • FIXED: J2 - Program was crashing if empty rows (#7431)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Finnish version

  • IMPROVED: CUIX - Translation updated (#7785)

International version

  • FIXED: General - English UI is back again (#7636)

Irish version

  • IMPROVED: CUIX - Added support for Ribbon menu (#7473)
  • FIXED: General - Some RMObjects was missing properties (#7682)
  • FIXED: Zig-Zag - Display mode did not respond properly (#7684)

Norwegian version

  • IMPROVED: General - Program now ask for “select object” when press insert button for linetype (#7566)

Updates in Novapoint Reinforcement

FIXED: Novapoint Reinforcement works for this version of Novapoint.

FIXED: The default factor for continious rebars is now set to 1.1.


Update Quadri Easy Access

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