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Version 20.0x.FP3

Updates in Novapoint Base


FIXED: This update includes general bug fixes


NEW: Clip plane added in the 3D view. It is now possible to clip planes in 3D window along a line.

See video here

Help pages here

IMPROVED: Snap in the measure tools is improved and makes it easier to measure in the model.

See video here here


FIXED: When importing Geosuite projects, the doublet dialog sometimes crashes. This is now corrected.

FIXED: When importing Geosuite projects, we sometimes experienced double borehole data with doublet GUIDs. This is now corrected.

FIXED: When importing borehole data from GUDB, the elevation values were sometimes set to zero. This is now corrected.

AutoCAD start up from Novapoint

Settings in “Novapoint Configuration” will now set AutoCAD product according to the choice done in the Novapoint settings. In some cases the user had to add the “/product” switch to get the right AutoCAD environment started in Novapoint. The setting of “/product” is normally not needed with only one AutoCAD product installed. Now the “/product” setting will be set to match the AutoCAD product in use with Novapoint. To override the settings you can add the “/noproduct” to the NovapointBase.exe shortcut. If the user set the “/product” in the NovapointBase.exe shortcut, will this setting be used.

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