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Version 20.0x

Updates in Novapoint Base


NEW: New startpage

NEW: Navigate to point in plan presentation. Read the reference guide here.

NEW: Zoom to scale

NEW: UTF-8 and UTC implemented

NEW: When tasks are deleted from the model, the accompanying folder for the task is also deleted, when you press save. You can also right click the model name in the explorer and clean up attachments.

NEW: Added medium in the settings for the modelling tools, so you can specify the geometry's location relative to the earth's surface.

IMPROVED: Better performance and stability.


NEW: Transparency in 3D presentations. You have the option to enter transparency (0-100%) in the 3D presentation. That way you can for example hide the part of the terrain that goes over the road. Thus avoid creating an additional triangulated ground surface with holes for the road, preventing the model to not become heavier then necessary. Read the reference guide here.

NEW: Capture to creates a screenshot of the active window. Read the reference guide here.

NEW: If surfaces are vertical or near vertical in the 3D-view, then the texture direction wil automatically be set to upwards. This is important to make textured verical surfaces look better. If you bulid your railroad model in NP 20 and later versionas and use the default drawing rule, then the rail track will be textured nicely with sleeper and gravel texture aligned in the rail direction.

NEW: Text in the 3D views, for example places names

IMPROVED: Drawing rules

IMPROVED: Saves the settings in Show/Hide function in the Presentation Setup

FIXED: Road model visible in long section windows. User can select to use either the stationing value, or the value in absolute meters when defining the location for the long section.

Import / Export

NEW: Export to Quadri model file, where you can export parts of the model

NEW: GML export

NEW: DGN import and export

IMPROVED: The import frees the memory when finished

IMPROVED: When using QG4 import, it is now possible to move tasks out of the import hierarchy you get

IMPROVED: GML import now supports all attributes/assosiations

IMPROVED: Various improvements for GML importt

IMPROVED: Various improvements for LandXML import

IMPROVED: Various improvements for KOF import and export

IMPROVED: Added button so you can deselect all classifications when using LAS import

IMPROVED: DWG import for solids with nurbs

IMPROVED: IFC uses less memory during import

FIXED: LandXML import fixes curves from the road model

FIXED: When importing Shape file, norwegian letters in the properties are correct

FIXED: Re-import after you have updated the model, and deleted previous version of Novapoint with the used conversion rule

FIXED: SOSI import (norwegian mapping data format) sometimes crashed when the import failed. Now it gives the user a message that the import failed

Terrain Shaping

NEW: You can switch between point elevation mode and line elevation mode by pressing 1 and 2 on your keyboard. For example, if in poin televation mode ( press enter if you have not completed an action ) and press 2 to switch to elevation line mode.

IMPROVED: When creating heights with elevation line mode, lines saved as Terrestrial elevation line. This line can be used as input in the model for example sweep , extrude and so on.

Here is a film that shows this: <flashplayer width=480 height=295>file=/Video/Landskap/NovapointDCM/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude.mp4&image=/Video/Landskap/NovapointDCM/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude/Using elevationline with sweep and extrude.png</flashplayer>

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