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Clip plane

The function clips the plane in the 3D window

Find the function in two places in Novapoint Ribbons

View Ribbon showing the Clip function

Home ribbon showing the Clip function

When you click the Clip function in the 3D window this panel shows up

Clip plane info panel

If you choose to use an existing line in the 3D window just click on it using the mouse.

This panel appears

Clip plane with inforpanel in 3D window

SHIFT + Left mouse drag: Drags the plane along the guide

Richt Click: context menu for more options

SHIFT + Mouse scroll: Moves the plane along the guide

CTRL + SHIFT + Mouse scroll: Increases the step (fast move)

F: Flip clipping plane orientation

O: Toggles clipping

P: Toggles clipping plane

K: Toggles wireframe in clipped part

H: Hides the info panel

If you want to draw a new line click L

dra linje using mouse

Draw the line using left click on the mouse to set the points. Finish using right click

By right clicking the Mouse while in clip mode the measure tools can be used.

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